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Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in Lyon and Geneva

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Graduated in micro surgery and breast reconstructive surgery techniques

Dr Gliksman

Dr Jérémy Gliksman

Cosmetic surgeon in Lyon and Geneva

The purpose of this website is to provide general information on surgical procedures that are regularly performed by Doctor Gliksman.

As the information provided is not exhaustive, a medical consultation needs scheduling to help you understand which technique best suits your needs and what the practical details are. It generally includes a thorough clinical examination, X-rays if necessary, and a computer simulation.

Plastic surgery must be personalised to guarantee a natural result, which is Doctor Gliksman’s guiding approach to any procedure. Moreover, Doctor Gliksman performs all his procedures himself without delegating any aspect of his work.

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Cosmetic surgeon in Lyon and Geneva


Liposuction, calf implants

Legs surgery


Mammoplasty, breast augmentation

Breast <br><span>surgery</span>


Butt implant or lipofilling

Buttock <br><span>augmentation</span>


Cosmetic surgery: ears, eyelids, lips and nose

Face <br><span>surgery</span>


Inner arm lift (brachioplasty)

Arm <br><span>surgery</span>


Hand rejuvenation

Hand <br><span>surgery</span>


Abdominoplasty, liposuction

Abdominal <br><span>surgery</span>


Where A Trust-based Relationship Starts

Any doctor needs to get to know his patient in order to understand their wishes and best meet their expectations. Likewise, any patient wants to know the doctor who will perform the surgery so that they feel reassured and confident. This explains why the first medical consultation is the most important and longest one, as, for any plastic surgery procedure, it is crucial to take time to think and to make the right decision in a dispassionate manner.

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The clinics/private hospitals

Plastic surgery in Lyon and Geneva

Genolier’s private clinic is one of the most beautiful clinics in Switzerland. Located in an exceptional environment, with private rooms offering a remarkable view over Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, the clinic provides an unparalleled level of comfort and privacy to its patients.

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Simulation 3D chirurgie plastique

3D simulation

Plastic surgery simulator before and after in 3D

Start your 3D consultation now with Jérémy Gliksman, a top plastic surgeon from Lyon and Genolier, France who uses the unique 3D Crisalix solution to answer this fundamental question: “How will I be after the procedure?” ". Upload 3 standard digital photos online securely so that Jérémy Gliksman presents your “new you” in 3D.

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